Swedish fashion influencers to know

We all know the sartorial clichés about Copenhagen-based shoppers loving minimalism, or French women favouring classic pieces, but how far does where you live actually impact your look? In a new series, we ask some of the most popular fashion influencers how they define their style and in what ways their home city might be responsible for this.

This month, we’re looking at Stockholm and asking some of the Swedish capital’s most stylish residents what the city really means to them in terms of fashion.

Here is what Anna Winck, Matilda Djerf, Emma Fridsell, Felicia Akerstrom, Chrystelle Eriksberger, Viola Bergström and Hanna Mw had to say on the topic.

Anna Winck

anna winck, stockholm style


How would you describe your style in three words?

“Playful, childish and unplanned.”

What are your go-to brands?

“Charlotte Simone, Rowen Rose and Hankjobenhavn.”

What’s unique about living in Stockholm and how does that impact your style?


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