The Greatest Fashion Week Street Style Looks of All Time

For a long time now, fashion week hasn’t just been about the people wearing the clothes on the catwalk, but it’s been just as much about the people off the runway too. Unless you’ve attended a fashion show, it’s really hard to grasp just how much of a circus whole street style thing is, and while the legendary Suzy Menkes might dislike it, I’ve come to accept that it is part of the fun of fashion week and a joy to see so many people enjoying fashion.

Arguably started with the likes of the late great Bill Cunningham and then continued by Scott Schuman’s Sartorialist, Tommy Ton and Phil Oh, it really kicked up a gear over the past 10 years, in part, thanks to Instagram. But that would be putting it too simply. While there are now scores of people posing outside fashion shows, there are the OG fashion

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Thanks To These Instagram Accounts, Street Style Isn’t Dead. It’s Better.

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20 Years Later, Justin Timberlake Has An Apology For Britney Spears & Janet Jackson

As the world digs deep into the systemic misogyny that failed Britney Spears, people can’t help but side-eye the many men in her life who also played a part in her tumultuous personal and professional life. Justin Timberlake is one of those figures; the ill-fated relationship between the pop stars played a huge part in the media’s mistreatment of Spears. Twenty years later, Timberlake is trying to right his wrongs — with an Instagram apology. The popularity of the viral documentary Framing Britney Spears heightened the ongoing conversation about Spears’ recent struggles. A collaboration between The New York Times, FX, and Hulu, the documentary traces the history and impact of misogyny on Spears’ career. It’s since caught the world’s attention, compelling fans and celebrity peers alike to share their support of the icon

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What Will Street Style Look Like in 2021?

If your New Year Eve’s felt anticlimactic at best and utterly depressing at worst, you weren’t alone. What’s the meaning of a new calendar when so little has changed? Six months ago, we were sure 2021 would be different. Surely we’d be prepping for Fashion Week by now. Unfortunately, that’s still a big no for most of us.

Through the last half 2020, we had to experience fashion shows virtually and vicariously through our friends in Paris, Milan, London, Shanghai, and Tokyo, where socially-distanced shows resumed. Once the schedules were out, the question remained: What would the street style look like? After years of multiple outfit changes and heels, what would editors and influencers wear to zig-zag around a city by foot, bicycle, or train? What feels appropriate in anxious times like these?

Aside from masks, which were the biggest visual change in our street style coverage, the trend was

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