Fall 2021 Is All About Skiwear

fall 2021 ski trend

Getty Images; Miu Miu/Johnny Dufort; Browne: Emma Louise Swanson

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As the wheel of quarantine leisure spins, so goes fashion. Over the course of a year of pandemic life, we’ve cycled through 365 days’ worth of trendy pursuits (remember TikTok dances and bread baking, with their accompanying uniforms of tie-dyed sweats?) and style has followed suit. Gorpcore, already a fashion mainstay, shifted into high gear as so many cooped-up quarantiners turned to hiking as a pastime, and Gucci and Margiela’s partnerships with The North Face offered hypebeast pieces tailor-made for a trek. Tennis, too, regained its cachet this past summer, with the fashion set taking to the courts in retro-chic gear. And now, it seems that it’s skiing’s moment in the proverbial sun, as the fall 2021 collections tapped into winter’s most popular socially distanced sport.

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Shanghai Fashion Week Postpones Fall 2021 to April

LONDON — Instead of its usual March schedule, the upcoming edition of Shanghai Fashion Week has been postponed to April 6 to 13.

According to a document from the Shanghai Fashion Week Organizing Committee sent to designers and trade fair operators, seen by WWD, the committee decided to postpone the event, which had been scheduled for March 25 to April 3, to roughly two weeks later, citing hopes it would allow more brands, designers, buyers and press from around the world to travel to Shanghai safely in time.

“We will do our best to provide business opportunities and quality services to participants of Shanghai Fashion Week, and present a high-quality and productive platform for exchange and display, drive the city’s economic development through collaborative innovation, and dedicate to the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party with a safe and efficient fashion event,” the committee added.

A spike in locally

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The standout hair and beauty trends from Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2021

(Source, left: rickowens.eu; middle: driesvannoten.com; right: dior.com)

Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2021 was inarguably about the clothes, with a toned-down, natural approach being the dominant trend when it came to hair and grooming. Whether in Milan or Paris, simplicity reigned supreme.

It can be fun when designers and stylists integrate daring makeup or inventive hairstyles, but they’re not always the easiest to translate into day-to-day life. With their emphasis on simplicity, the recent shows left us with looks that are inherently attainable, rather than simply aspirational.

Unkempt, tousled hair

It’s fitting that after a year of spending so much time cooped up at home — rolling out of bed and walking a few metres to a makeshift home office — unkempt bed-head would be all the rage. Of course, these looks were far from unkempt, meticulously placed and tousled just so. But the underlying message was clear: it’s OK to

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Inside The Rise & Fall Of The Man Repeller Aesthetic

Last week, it was announced that Man Repeller — the personal fashion blog-turned-lifestyle website started by Leandra Medine Cohen in 2010 — was shutting down as a result of “financial constraints.” This news had been preceded by Medine Cohen “stepping back” from the publication in June following criticism about the company’s lack of diversity and poor treatment of former POC employees. “Man Repeller was founded to celebrate self expression in all of its forms but it has become clear that I’ve failed to deliver on this mission,” Medine Cohen said then. “The team deserves a chance to show you what Man Repeller can be with me on the sidelines so I’m going to step back and let them show you.” Three months later, the site rebranded as Repeller and promised “many more changes to come.” Now, less than two months after that, the site has ceased publication altogether. But even

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