Ulta Beauty Invests Over $25 Million To Foster Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

Ulta Beaut
y announced in a press release its commitment to foster broader diversity, equity, and inclusion by spending over $25 million to amplify brands, adjust merchandise assortment, promote Black voices, and create welcoming guest and associate experiences. Mary Dillon, CEO of Ulta Beauty, said, “As the country’s beauty retail leader, we believe we have the power to shape how the world sees beauty and as such, we have a responsibility to inspire positive change and drive greater diversity, inclusivity and equity.”

Organizational structure to support initiatives

The company has appointed a diversity and inclusion advisor, Tracee Ellis Ross, CEO and founder, PATTERN Beauty, who will drive accountability

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Expressing social and political issues through fashion design

Growing up, Chelsea Grays was always encouraged to be creative. This stemmed from her mother who was an avid painter, which led to Grays picking up sketching in her childhood. As a young child, her mother not only had to look after herself, but also her younger brother — Grays’ uncle. This meant passing down clothes she would outgrow.

Her childhood would soon turn into an award-winning venture in fashion design. In 2018, Grays created a collection inspired by a neighbourhood in San Francisco she would walk through everyday on her way to school  — an area known for high crime rates and a big homeless community. Using racial discrimination as her theme, she compared a person’s skin colour to the colour of a paper bag to determine social privileges. It won her a Geoffrey Beene Scholarship, a one-year exchange programme with École de la Chambre Syndicale to pursue a

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Demi Moore Looks Back on Her “Magical” Fendi Runway Appearance at Fashion Week

This Fashion Week is one Demi Moore won’t soon forget.

18 Secrets About Now and Then Revealed

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women hit back at employer’s claims

Two women who were the alleged victims of a shocking assault in an Adelaide shop on Friday have hit back at what they say are attempts by their former employer to distance themselves from the attack.


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In a statement issued publicly on social media through their representatives at the Working Women’s Centre, the women – who do not wish their names to be made public – offer their side of the circumstances leading up to the assault that was caught on video and shared widely on the internet.

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In the statement, the women, aged 20 and 22, say they worked as employees of the shop for five months and three weeks respectively, where they claim they were paid $10 and $12 an hour each.

They say an argument began when they confronted their

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