5 Recurring Trends From Fashion Month’s Brightest Street Style Stars

While we’re still in the early stages of fall, several street style trends have emerged and taken hold. We paid close attention to who wore what during fashion month, and there seems to be a clear consensus on five must-have essentials for this season.

Fashion show attendees couldn’t wait to pull out their cozy knits, especially long, ankle-grazing maxi dresses. From New York City to Paris, we saw it all: rainbow crochet frocks, minimalist-approved sheaths, as well as peek-a-boo and midriff-baring designs. In the same comfy vein, constricting skinny jeans were M.I.A.—oversized, baggy silhouettes reigned supreme. Those loose-fitting denim pieces paired well with everything, from turtlenecks to zip-up jackets to (another uber-popular trend) tuxedo vests.

Take a closer look at all of the coveted street style trends below. And don’t forget to shop out your favorites before it’s too late.

<cite class="credit">Photographed by Acielle / StyleDuMonde</cite>

Photographed by Acielle / StyleDuMonde

Power Pants

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Bridal Fashion Week Trends to Follow Based on Your Personal Style

Dressing for your wedding day is the ultimate exercise in personal style— it’s the union of every facet of how you dress wrapped up into a single day. And as we all know, bridal choices and inspiration are famously endless, especially with each passing season of Bridal Fashion Week.

Meet the Expert

Hope LaVine is a Santa Monica-based bridal stylist who has been helping brides all over the world with helpful resources on defining their own style, via her TikToks, quizzes, and wedding dress shopping eBook.

But to avoid getting lost in all the glamour and newness of each wedding dress debut, we’ve created a guide—with the help of Hope LaVine, a Santa Monica-based bridal stylist—to help interpret incoming and past trends, based on four major bridal style categories.

Keep reading for information that’ll help you navigate the world of bridal fashion and land

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NYC’s Style Set Is Betting Big on These 11 Fall Fashion Trends

All around the world, people love, live, and breathe fashion; it has no boundaries. But there are specific cities that are known for being fashion hubs. It’s impossible to deny the influence of the street style scene in Paris, Hong Kong, and Copenhagen, but New York City’s fashion set has always been at the forefront of trends. Just look at the receipts: the championing of the Bushwick Birkin before it was a global phenomenon or the plethora of emerging fashion brands that call NYC home. Love it or hate it, if a trend can make it in this city, it can make it anywhere. So since we want to know which fall trends are worth adopting, we have to take it to the streets and pick the minds and mood boards of New York’s most fashionable residents. Ahead, 18 stylish women share which NYC fall fashion

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What the Street Style at Copenhagen Fashion Week Tells Us About the Trends to Come

The must-have accessory of Copenhagen Fashion Week was no doubt the first issue of Vogue Scandinavia featuring Greta Thunberg on the cover. But a neon-green bag may be a close second. The city’s return to mostly IRL shows came with a joyful, unabashed embrace of street style, with mismatched and high-low looks replacing the meticulous ensembles of the Before Times. We saw everything from crisp suits to clashing neons, running shorts to body-con LBDs. Many guests seemed thrilled for a reason to wear heels again, but for every stiletto-wearing cyclist, there were twice as many guys and girls in squishy sandals and Crocs.

Beyond inspiring your own end-of-summer looks, Copenhagen’s street style paints a compelling picture of what we’ll see on the streets of New York (and later in Europe) when the shows resume on September 7th. Read on for a few of our predictions below.

The early-2000s revival is

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