How Ulta Beauty grew ecommerce sales with its mobile app

  • Despite lower overall sales, Ulta Beauty’s ecommerce sales were up 90% in the third quarter of 2020. 
  • Prama Bhatt, chief digital officer, said it was working toward a more robust online presence before COVID-19. 
  • The company plans to debut an immersive in-app experience for Ulta’s launch in 100 Targets across later this year.
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Ulta Beauty’s ecommerce sales were up 90% year-over-year in the third quarter of 2020, following strong growth in the second quarter of 200%. This is despite overall company sales being down 8.9% due to ongoing in-store COVID-19 restrictions.

Ulta Beauty’s Chief Digital Officer Prama Bhatt told Insider roughly 15% of the company’s more than 32 million “Ultamate Rewards” members have used its mobile app, which launched in November 2012. “That’s five million members, with 88% returning,” she added, noting that they’ve experienced three to four times

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A Spring Fashion Issue for an Optimistic Future

Our spring Women’s Fashion issue is always made in an optimistic frame of mind; we begin closing it in January, when the year is fresh, and the sense of possibility — however false or short-lived — still potent.

This particular January, of course, felt more charged than most. Last year was our annus horribilis, and our expectations for this year are bound to be impossible. But while some eras have come to their legal or official conclusions, their consequences and repercussions linger — 2020 was a reminder that the past is never the past, however much we pretend otherwise.

Given this, it seems fitting that the stories in this issue are almost equally divided between those that look forward and those that look back. In the first category, there are our fashion stories, conceived in anticipation of a time in the not-too-distant future when we can once again do things

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Man praised for helping a woman who was being harassed by a ‘creepy’ man in a shop

Man is praised for rescuing a woman who is being harassed and touched by a ‘creepy’ stranger, by pretending to be friends

  • Brandon Robert, 22, helped a woman who was being harassed by a ‘creepy’ man
  • In the TikTok clip, Brandon, from Tennessee, pretended he was friends with her
  • He told her his ‘aunt Claire’ was in the shop and asked her to come and say hello
  • The woman went along with Brandon’s plan and later thanked him for his help

A TikTok user has been praised after sharing a video showing himself helping a woman who was being harassed by a ‘creepy’ man in a grocery store.

Brandon Robert, 22, from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, took to TikTok to the social media platform to show how he assisted the woman after realizing she

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How Parsons’s New Dean of Fashion Dr. Ben Barry Is Working to Bring Systemic Change to Fashion Education

Ben barry

In our long-running series “How I’m Making It,” we talk to people making a living in the fashion and beauty industries about how they broke in and found success.

Dr. Ben Barry has always questioned fashion’s status quo, and sought to challenge it. When he was only 14, he inadvertently started his own modeling agency because his size-16 friend had been told she needed to lose weight in order to become a model. Confused by this suggestion, he simply mailed her photos to a local magazine with a note and ended up getting her the job. The Ben Barry Agency went on to become one of the first-ever inclusive modeling agencies, booking jobs for over 150 models who didn’t fit into mainstream beauty ideals, throughout its 15-year run.

As the agency made waves through the industry, Barry continued to educate himself;

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