30 Fashion Mistakes We All Make That Are Actually Pretty Gross

Some so-called fashion mistakes are outdated, like wearing white in relation to Labor Day, but you don’t often read about the gross mistakes we all make more than we’d like to admit. They’re less glamorous than style crimes but a thousand times more relevant. Whether it’s skipping socks because they ride up in ballet flats, tossing wet swimsuits straight into your gym pack, or not washing your makeup brushes as often as you should, they’re the shortcuts you’re tempted to make when you’re feeling tired, fried, or just not in the mood for extra hassle. These brilliant Amazon finds promise to make tedious chores just a little bit easier — so you’ll actually get around to doing them.

But how often do you think to shop for a DIY dry cleaning kit or deodorant stain remover? You can’t buy a no-rinse laundry detergent that’s going to change your life if

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Love On Tour: How Harry Styles’ biggest fans turned his concerts into personal fashion shows

On Saturday night, the streets of New York will be filled to the brim with costumed faces ready to celebrate the weekend of Halloween in their best finery. But outside of Madison Square Garden, almost 21,000 artfully-dressed Harry Styles fans will clog the streets, dressed to the nines in what can only be described as disco/70s chic, ready to dance and sing the night away. The event: Harryween. 

Marketed as a black tie, fancy dress occasion, Harryween is a collection of two Madison Square Garden shows celebrating the end of Harry Styles’ Love On Tour, a 41-show national tour for “Fine Line,” Styles’ sophomore album. But Styles’ fans haven’t just been waiting around for the Halloween dress code. Instead, each tour stop has been filled to the brim with fans in black tie, psychedelic streetwear and anything that reminds them of their favorite artist. After spending almost a year uncertain

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11 Best TikTok-Viral Claw Clips Of 2021 For Every Hair Type

best hair claw clips tiktok famous


From slip dresses to high-waisted pants, to bike shorts, and rollerblades, the ’90s are back and stronger than ever in the fashion world.

Arguably one of the best trends to return is the claw clip. Thanks to TikTok’s fashion scene, the easy-to-use hair accessory can finally leave your bathroom counter for everything from brunch to yoga and date night.

ICYMI, claw clips are the ultimate hair hack if you missed a wash day, need your hair out of your face, or just feel like mixing up your usual style. The only issue with claw clips is that a lot of them simply don’t stay put in your strands, which is why influencers on TikTok put out tons of helpful tutorials like this one for long hair and this one for curly hair.

And, don’t worry—claw clips have come a long way from the easily breakable ones

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Five Ways to Set a Summer-Friendly Wardrobe

Hot weather is a challenge for everyone. How do you deal with rising temperature? Most men prefer shorts or a boxer only while relaxing in the swimming pool. However, it is not possible to spend the 24 hours in this way. Couponksa.com encourages men to discover the fashion trends and styles favorable for a hot weather. Fetch The Outnet discount code before visiting the Outnet fashion store. This code will support in bulk shopping. We have some summer-friendly fashion strategies for men.  

See the Wardrobe:

The very first thing all men should do is resettle the wardrobe. Your wardrobe is full of winter and spring clothing fashions. It is time to get rid of them. Replace them with summer clothes such as t-shirts, shorts, trousers and more. Never empty the wardrobe while doing seasonal cleaning. You will need some apparels, accessories and items for the hot weather. For example, your … Read More