Making her mark in the vast fashion-tech world as a true blue professional and entrepreneur.

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Liv Schreiber (ascend 41)

As a fashion influencer and blogger, she is putting education in style by launching Zoom Fashion Week.

A close look around us will let us know how things have been changing for the better across industries and niches, and this is a great sight to behold looking at how the emergence of many tech advances and young talented minds have contributed majorly to the success of these business industries. The digital space today is rocked by many such entrepreneurs, amongst which one name is buzzing high lately of Liv Schreiber. She is a young fashion-tech entrepreneur whose love for fashion has today made her a well-recognized face of the industry, being at the forefront, working as a celebrity stylist, fashion blogger and entrepreneur across NYC.

At the age of 21, Liv Schreiber was already styling celebs and business icons like Sara Blakely and Jesse Itzler and confesses that since she and her twin brother were kids, they had entrepreneurial instincts and innate skills as they came from a business family. She is a third-generation entrepreneur today, who at 24 years, has created her unique niche, both in the niches of fashion and marketing, with her company called ‘Brand Caffeine’ (, which has excelled as a fashion-tech company, creating content for building fashion brands, providing services in content creation/management, email, paid ads, etc. For her love for fashion, the young talent has also gone ahead in creating her education program called Zoom Fashion Week to provide fashion education to hundreds of students, free, around the world. Liv Schreiber is also the brain behind creating the first influencer styling program in the country, styling her followers as well as celebrities.

As a fashion blogger, Liv Schreiber has more than 45K followers on TikTok and Instagram, which proves her presence and prominence in the digital space. Her followers crave for her tips and tricks on fashion always and look up to her as an inspirational success story.

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