11 Best TikTok-Viral Claw Clips Of 2021 For Every Hair Type

best hair claw clips tiktok famous


From slip dresses to high-waisted pants, to bike shorts, and rollerblades, the ’90s are back and stronger than ever in the fashion world.

Arguably one of the best trends to return is the claw clip. Thanks to TikTok’s fashion scene, the easy-to-use hair accessory can finally leave your bathroom counter for everything from brunch to yoga and date night.

ICYMI, claw clips are the ultimate hair hack if you missed a wash day, need your hair out of your face, or just feel like mixing up your usual style. The only issue with claw clips is that a lot of them simply don’t stay put in your strands, which is why influencers on TikTok put out tons of helpful tutorials like this one for long hair and this one for curly hair.

And, don’t worry—claw clips have come a long way from the easily breakable ones you used to steal from your parent’s vanity. There are a massive amount of options out there to choose from, featuring tons of different styles to functions. The best part? No matter what you choose, claw clips are super affordable. Most of the options on this list feature packs of multiple clips for under $10—so feel free to really stock up.

From nonslip grippy clips for silky strands to ones made specifically for curly hair, these are the 11 best TikTok-famous claw clips out there right now.

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Best Overall Claw Clips

4-Pack Of Nonslip Large Claw Clips

Feeling indecisive? You can’t go wrong with these. At four inches-long, they’re larger than most claw clips, feature a nonslip grip, and you get four for just $14. It’s no surprise they’ve garnered over 11,000 five-star reviews. 


Best Affordable Claw Clips

Two-Piece Strong-Hold Claw Clips

Claw clips are generally pretty affordable but if you’re really on the hunt for a budget find, you can’t go wrong with Revlon’s two-pack of claw clips for under $5. And, don’t worry—the strong hold and double teeth mean you’re not skimping on quality.


Best Minimalist Claw Clips

Three-Pack Clear Hair Claw Clips

Not sure if you’re actually into the trend? These clear clips are a great way to toy around with it to see how you feel before making a bolder statement. Or, maybe you just want something with more minimalist vibes—they’re super chic and will go with everything in your closet.


Best Trendy Claw Clips

Four-Pack Tortoise Hair Clips

Between the gold detailing and tortoiseshell print, these add a bit of flair to nearly any outfit. Each color in this four-pack has a different vibe to it depending on the mood you (and your hair!) are in.


Best Nonslip Claw Clips

Two-Pack Big Nonslip Hair Claw Clips

For thick, long, or uber-silky strands, these nonslip claw clips are a must. They feature extra durable claws and secure grips in a range of fun colors like blue, pink, orange, and beige—my fellow long-haired friends will want to grab a few packs. 


Best Claw Clip For Curls


Tracee Ellis Ross—the queen of curls herself—designed this claw clip specifically for “curlies, coilies, and tight textures” to be both a stylish accessory and way to help section hair off while you style it.


Best For Thick/Long Hair

French Twist Clip

The Hair Edit


Styling lots of thick, long hair in to a tiny clip can be a challenge, but this sturdy, elegant clip is up to the task. The shape makes it a great addition to formalwear, too.


Best For Thin/Short Hair

Four-Piece Octopus Hair Claw

On the other end of the scale, those with short or thin hair will definitely want to opt for a smaller piece like these octopus-shape claw clips. After all, you want something to show off your gorgeous hair—not hide it!


Best Gold Claw Clips

Six-Pack Large Metal Hair Claw Clips

The chic gold design and nonslip grips on these make them perfect for special events. Six of them come in a beautifully-packaged box, too—perfect for bridesmaids or gifting to friends.


Best Butterfly Claw Clips

Large Metal Butterfly Hair Claw Clips

Any ’90s kid probably looks at butterfly clips with fond memories. Consider these the modern, TikTok-approved twist. The metal gold and silver clips are large and boast hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon. 


Best Animal Print Claw Clips

Four-Piece Leopard Claw Clips

Animal print is the trend that’ll never stop…well, trending. These feature a more discreet closed gold claw, too, so all the emphasis is on the fun leopard print.

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