Bridal Fashion Week Trends to Follow Based on Your Personal Style

Dressing for your wedding day is the ultimate exercise in personal style— it’s the union of every facet of how you dress wrapped up into a single day. And as we all know, bridal choices and inspiration are famously endless, especially with each passing season of Bridal Fashion Week.

Meet the Expert

Hope LaVine is a Santa Monica-based bridal stylist who has been helping brides all over the world with helpful resources on defining their own style, via her TikToks, quizzes, and wedding dress shopping eBook.

But to avoid getting lost in all the glamour and newness of each wedding dress debut, we’ve created a guide—with the help of Hope LaVine, a Santa Monica-based bridal stylist—to help interpret incoming and past trends, based on four major bridal style categories.

Keep reading for information that’ll help you navigate the world of bridal fashion and land

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