11 Best TikTok-Viral Claw Clips Of 2021 For Every Hair Type

best hair claw clips tiktok famous


From slip dresses to high-waisted pants, to bike shorts, and rollerblades, the ’90s are back and stronger than ever in the fashion world.

Arguably one of the best trends to return is the claw clip. Thanks to TikTok’s fashion scene, the easy-to-use hair accessory can finally leave your bathroom counter for everything from brunch to yoga and date night.

ICYMI, claw clips are the ultimate hair hack if you missed a wash day, need your hair out of your face, or just feel like mixing up your usual style. The only issue with claw clips is that a lot of them simply don’t stay put in your strands, which is why influencers on TikTok put out tons of helpful tutorials like this one for long hair and this one for curly hair.

And, don’t worry—claw clips have come a long way from the easily breakable ones

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