Tom Ford: Cancel culture inhibits fashion

Tom Ford wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera

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Tom Ford

Tom Ford says cancel culture “inhibits design”.

The 60-year-old fashion muse – behind the iconic eponymous label – says the fact “everything is now considered appropriation” is limiting fashion.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Ford said: “Cancel culture inhibits design because rather than feeling free, the tendency is to start locked into a set of rules. Everything is now considered appropriation. We used to be able to celebrate other cultures. Now you can’t do that.”

The designer also blames social media for making style and beauty “increasingly cartoonish”.

He explained: “The future of fashion is increasingly cartoonish.

“Instagram has broken down the rules. People dress up to take pictures of themselves to post online, everything is exaggerated – especially the eyebrows.”

Ford’s latest comments on the state of the industry come after he admitted he misses the time when celebrities didn’t have stylists because they

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