L.A. stylist to NBA stars wants looking good to feel good

This story is part of Image issue 6, “Energy,” an exploration what sports style feels like in the City of Champions. See the full package here.

“When you get dressed, you gotta see yourself,” L.A. stylist Courtney Mays says, recounting a time in her life when looking in the mirror wasn’t the most enjoyable experience.

The 38-year-old Cleveland native says what’s essential when getting ready is taking the time to do the small things — those simple flourishes that raise her spirits when she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror, whether it’s adding layers of jewelry to her usual work uniform of sweats, sneakers, T-shirts and blazers or applying some mascara instead of dashing out of the house.

She first started to understand the beauty of fashion when she observed her parents’ sartorial rituals as they dressed for outings together. The care communicated through those details —

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