Three chic fashion insiders share their style journeys

Social media has granted us behind-the-scenes access us to the lives and wardrobes of a new wave of fashion insiders, and we find ourselves seeking style inspiration from these multi-faceted career women more so than ever before. Which is why we’ve teamed up with FARFETCH for a conversation on personal style with three influential women in fashion with both enviable careers, and the wardrobes to match. From dressing for your personality and your values, to the key pieces on their lust-lists right now, discover what fashion in 2020 means to the women who are shaping the industry from within.

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Anissa Kermiche

Jewellery designer and sculptor


The French-Algerian designer studied engineering and worked in consulting in Paris before her career took an abrupt turn. Feeling creatively unfulfilled, Kermiche packed her bags and moved to London to study jewellery design at Central Saint Martins, launching her eponymous label upon

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Why Do You Have to Consider Split Shank Diamond Rings

In our society, the popular conception of diamonds equates to brilliance, durability, and beauty. Of course, they are associated strongly with love and marriage. Every girl’s dream is to get a beautiful diamond ring from her man and are groomed from a young age to expect nothing less.

Split Shank Diamond Ring

A split shank diamond ring in a setting will enhance gold or white gold and even titanium and platinum beautifully, so you can shop now at for split shank engagement rings and choose your stone or color wisely. Some stones have a more greenish hue to them, which is not that popular but is more affordable if one has a small budget. Still, the ideal stone will have a sea blue or deep blue hue, instantly recognizable.

Treat your purchase like you would treat purchasing a white diamond. Choose the carat and level of clarity in the … Read More