Bye Chelsea boots, hello sweatpants: Fall fashion shifts in quarantine

Similarly, Michael Ricketts, a junior studying advertising and public relations, believes the practicality of fall fashion best fits his personal style profile. 

“My style of clothing is very sleek and slim fitting, but it’s functional,” Ricketts said. “In the fall, I can wear my scarves, pea coats and Chelsea boots and it’s stylish, but functional.”

He said he enjoys dressing in layers and exploring various ways to piece them together. The challenge that Ricketts currently faces, with more outfits than public appearances, is how to navigate isolation in style. 

“I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate my scarves, my signature item, into this year’s wardrobe, because I’m not going out as much,” Ricketts said. 

Nguyen said she also finds it difficult to find the balance between showing off her fall favorites and staying COVID-19 free. Her antidote to this problem is to make the most out of her occasional

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