Why Do You Have to Consider Split Shank Diamond Rings

In our society, the popular conception of diamonds equates to brilliance, durability, and beauty. Of course, they are associated strongly with love and marriage. Every girl’s dream is to get a beautiful diamond ring from her man and are groomed from a young age to expect nothing less.

Split Shank Diamond Ring

A split shank diamond ring in a setting will enhance gold or white gold and even titanium and platinum beautifully, so you can shop now at Shira-Diamonds.com for split shank engagement rings and choose your stone or color wisely. Some stones have a more greenish hue to them, which is not that popular but is more affordable if one has a small budget. Still, the ideal stone will have a sea blue or deep blue hue, instantly recognizable.

Treat your purchase like you would treat purchasing a white diamond. Choose the carat and level of clarity in the way you would look at a regular diamond. If there are some flaws in the stone, then usually the dealers would give you a discount. Still, if you need a flawless stone, there are millions of them available to us. Remember that some rocks have such small flaws in them that you cannot detect them with the naked eye, so again think about your budget when deciding on a ring.

Blue Diamond Ring

Blue diamond rings are the rarest of stones. They cannot be bought readily unless you are a billionaire and can find one in the market. But with creativity amongst diamond cutters, as it is, they engineered a way to take a natural and authentic white diamond and turn it into a blue diamond, treating it by applying heat and pressure to the stone, similar to what goes on underground. The result is a stunning blue diamond that sparkles its blue hue in dazzling flares.

This has made it more affordable to own and has become a sought after stone amongst jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. The same clarity and brilliance of its sparkle are hence achieved and unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Their exquisite look thus mesmerizes women and collectors from all walks of life.

Of course, most women know about blue diamonds, and know that the rare ones are unobtainable to the normal man on the street, so they will quickly settle for the treated ones. If you present your loved one with such a ring, you are guaranteed to impress and stun your future wife.

However, before you part with your money, make sure that you only buy from a reputable diamond dealer and that their local diamond control body accredits them. This is imperative as you do not want to deal with shady characters who will quickly do you in and send you a glass stone or nothing in the mail.

Do be careful about online fraudsters. It would help if you also insisted on a diamond certification document that will put a value to it, which is easily verified. Look for dealers in business for a long time, as their experience will get you the best stones.

Cost-effective, beautiful to look at, and everlasting are the three most important aspects you need to address when you are ready to consider blue diamonds as your choice in engagement rings. Treated and handled by expert diamond cutters, you will not go wrong with a blue diamond purchase.