Fashion magazine’s Marilyn Monroe photo spread prompts outrage

CR Fashion Book China has sparked outrage for including digitally reimagined images of Marilyn Monroe on the cover of its upcoming magazine issue.

For CR China’s fourth issue, the publication crafted a photoshoot starring a digitized, modernized version of Monroe in order to showcase what the late fashion icon might have looked if her cultural influence and popularity had occurred today.

The magazine’s issue, which is already available on international newsstands, will consist of eight different covers that were digitally curated by CR’s Founder and Creative Director, Carine Roitfeld.

In a piece written by CR Fashion Book’s Vienna Vernose, Roitfeld discussed Monroe’s legacy and how she wanted to embody her “timeless elegance and sense of empowerment” in the photos.

“She’s a dream cover star for any fashion editor and someone I’ve always admired for being a trailblazer in creating a captivating personal brand that extended beyond her work,”

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