Paul McCartney at 80: A life of fun-loving fashion

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Paul McCartney at 80: A life of fun-loving fashion

Renowned musician and former Beatle Paul McCartney has always had a playful sense of style. To celebrate his birthday on Saturday, we take a look back at his best fashion moments.

While the former Beatle may be known for his immeasurable contribution to music, Paul McCartney also has a well-documented penchant for fashion. Largely thanks to the late Linda McCartney, an American photographer and the musician’s first wife, the sometimes kooky and always frolicsome outfits worn by McCartney have been immortalized forever — from his classic 1970s long-lapel shirts to loud knitted sweater vests.

The Liverpudlian star’s life and times can be traced through his sartorial choices, too. Starting with the sharp ’60s suits during Beatlemania and following into his solo career — where ensembles grew more colorful, daring and individual; like McCartney’s premiere look for the 1973

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