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  • You can get across the salesy vibe by using LinkedIn Stories to spotlight the benefits of your product as a substitute of features.
  • If you’re knowledgeable, then you definitely’re pretty much honour sure to have a LinkedIn profile – whether or not you wish to or not.
  • In 2017, LinkedIn reported that ninety% of customers have been open to new alternatives.
  • This lighting set-up creates the signature look Cynthia is understood for –
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Why The Return of Hanfu Represents A Generational Shift in China

On the streets of Shanghai, content creator Shiyin can be seen wearing a traditional outfit from China’s Ming period. Popular on social media, she routinely shares fashion buys, beauty tips and lifestyle vlogs alongside all the latest from Gucci and Lancôme—but it’s her passion for Hanfu that really sets her apart.

“Chinese” clothing is often typified by the qipao (a close-fitting dress also called the cheongsam). However, Hanfu—which is defined as a type of dress from any era when the Han Chinese ruled—is seen in China as a more authentic form of historical clothing. Styles from the Tang, Song, and Ming periods are the most popular; flowing robes in beautiful shades, embellished with intricate designs and embroidery.

Right now, the movement is being led by China’s fashion-conscious youth—a little like how Regency-period hair and makeup has had a boost in popularity, thanks to Netflix’s Bridgerton—and the number

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