Riz Ahmed’s Awards-Season Style Is ‘About Identity, Not Fashion’

In Darius Marder’s Sound of Metal, British actor Riz Ahmed portrays Ruben, a heavy-metal drummer who slowly begins to lose his hearing. It’s a powerful role that earned Ahmed a Golden Globes nomination last night for best actor in a drama motion picture. No doubt it was a challenging character to prepare for: Ahmed had to learn both the art of drumming and American Sign Language for the part. “I learned the true meaning of the word listening,” Ahmed tells Vogue. “The deaf people that I hung out with are the best listeners in the world. Listening isn’t something you just do with your ears—it’s something you do with your energy and your body.”

Ahmed found that the process of learning drumming was an entirely different beast. “[Sign language] was challenging but really sociable and joyous. It’s about connecting with other people,” Ahmed says. “[Learning] drums was

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