Channel Your Inner Harry Styles With Wearable Takes On His Iconic Style

Whether he’s gracing the cover of a major fashion magazine, performing on a stage in front of thousands or hitting the red carpet, few know how to rock a look quite like Harry Styles. He’s become a veritable fashion icon in recent years thanks to his bold takes on both trends and retro-inspired looks. This is not a person who is afraid to take fashion risks, and it always pays off.

Styles’ commitment to fashion pieces that are outside the box, gender-neutral and wildly creative from head to toe makes him the perfect fashion inspiration for the holiday season. Whether you’re looking to add a jazzy accessory to a Christmas outfit, like his fabulous pearl necklace and gloves, or want to go all out this New Year’s Eve, no one dresses up quite like our beautiful boy.

Upon much examination, Styles’ preferences tend to favor rich, classic textures like wool knits, leather and smooth silks paired with unexpected bits of flair, whether it be jewelry, a boa or a pop of color. He boldly goes where few dare, even as rigid gender norms begin to soften. As the kids on TikTok like to say, “he was written by a woman.”

Some of his most popular and oft-recurring themes involve argyle sweaters or vests, wide-leg pants, pearl jewelry, floral prints, pussy-bow blouses, monochromatic looks and more ― all of which make for the ideal elements for a perfect holiday outfit. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Harry Styles-inspired looks below, so that everyone, regardless of gender, can enjoy his fresh fashion styling at home this holiday season.