Colorback Cardigan Sold for Over $7,500 in ETH

The fashion industry is going all-in with NFT. The latest entrant is the cardigan that Harry Styles sported in February 2020.

It became a sensation with people using their imaginations to stitch new products in a similar fashion. The digital version of the sweater is a perfect 3-D replica. It was created with xydrobe, the first-ever auction platform that is dedicated to NFTs.

Reportedly, the cardigan was valued at two Ethereum on the platform. This converts to roughly around $7,500.

While the price is being quoted as too low as compared to what other designers sold for, it has paved the way for more such projects that will be launched by Jonathan Anderson.

All the proceeds that have been earned from the digital auction will be donated to AKT. It is a charity that works to support the community of LGBTQ+ youth.

The Conversation

Jonathan Anderson offered detailed insights during his interview with a media company. Here is how it followed.

The interview began with the interview asking what inspired him to opt for the digital auction of the cardigan.

He replied by saying that the world was constantly changing. There were many ways to perceive this world and be a part of something big.

The designer was approached by xydrobe. This motivated Jonathan Anderson to try something new that offered iconography to his creation. He added to his answer by saying that fashion was all about experimenting with different ideas, and he found the concept of the digital auction to be on a similar line.

The next question asked him to elaborate on the journey of starting from a hashtag trend to being sold as an NFT.

Instagram caught his attention when he came across several users wearing a similar cardigan. It is true that the fashion took off as a hashtag trend called #harrystylescardigan, but the path to take it on a digital auction platform was strengthened when Jonathan Anderson started following users on TikTok.

Various products were being stitched in a similar fashion. To quote a few, users were showcasing how they made cardigan-based hats and curtains.

Jonathan Anderson also revealed that Harry Styles had actually borrowed it only for auditions. He then went on to wear it for his performance, and that made everyone go crazy to follow the trend.

The interviewer asked where the original physical version of the sweater was at the moment. Jonathan Anderson said that it was donated by Harry Styles to V&A Museum.

This move, he added, has solidified pop culture into the history books. Its transition to the digital auction was a complete 360-degree journey for Jonathan Anderson, who recalls it being the craziest thing he has ever worked on.

People who loved the NFT of Harry Styles Cardigan can expect more from Jonathan Anderson. He has already started working on his future projects with xyDrobe.

Weird fax cartoon characters are currently in the pipeline. They would have no gender, and users would be able to change their clothing and body parts.