Louis Vuitton’s new smartwatch is more chic than geek


Louis Vuitton

For years, luxury fashion houses have strived to bridge the gap between fashion and consumer technology. Although a number of products from these brands tend to fall into the fashion side of the spectrum rather than the function, their ambitions live on. (Understandably so.)

This week, Louis Vuitton launched a new consumer tech product in its latest attempt to connect these two worlds. Enter the Tambour Horizon Light Up: a luxurious digital timepiece that takes after the statement-making style of its analog counterpart. This year’s Tambour Horizon is a third-generation connected watch, arriving about five years after the French design house first entered the smartwatch category.

The stainless steel Tambour Horizon has a 1.2-inch circular display crafted from sapphire glass, which lights up when a notification

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