Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and How Fashion Is Important to the Story

Have you ever looked at the clothes an anime character was wearing and thought: “Wow, that has to be from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”? It’s not surprising if you have. Jojo, as a series, prides itself on being larger than life in every aspect, and that definitely includes fashion. Every chapter and character has a distinct style, and these styles are important to the worldbuilding of the series. They set the time period and location, of course, but they also help the audience understand some fundamental aspects of the characters, and how they express themselves. It’s also a way to slip in references not only from other parts of the series, but from outside influences that inspired it.

As with any series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure uses fashion to set the scene. Each Part of Jojo takes place in a different era, and thus, the style varies greatly. “Phantom

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10 Shopping Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Engagement Ring In Texas

Does the Wedding Band Come With the Engagement Ring? | Diamond Nexus

Texas is a big place to shop for a perfect engagement ring. Engagement rings dealers in Texas can be found near your neighborhood. Check on them, and you don’t need to go further. They can offer a variety of engagement rings, and they can even customize one for you. Here are 10 shopping tips to help you find the perfect engagement ring in Texas. 

  1. Know the Shape you Want 

How do I choose an engagement ring for myself? You know yourself better than anything else. This means, if you are given the opportunity to choose your engagement ring, then do so. Start with the shape you want for your center stone. Women love having their jewelry in their favorite shapes. To start creating your engagement ring, decide on the shape of your center stone. You can check out some models, so you can have an idea of what the stone … Read More