‘Gossip Girl’ Costume Designer Talks the Show’s Gen Z Fashion Evolution

The costume design in “Gossip Girl” has pieced together an iconic generation of fashion, with the Manhattan private-school students oozing privilege and extravagance with their signature headbands, tea-length shimmery gowns, piped blazers and plaid, school uniforms. And now, over a decade after the show’s inception, when social media is intertwining more and more with everyday life, costume designer Eric Daman — who worked on both the original show and this year’s reboot — was given the opportunity to create all new looks for HBO Max’s “Gossip Girl” through a Gen Z lens.

“I feel like I have a very fresh point of view about it,” Daman said to TheWrap. “I was just able to leave the past behind, look at this as a whole new beginning and a whole new storyline with all new characters and have a very fresh, open-minded point of view about it. As far as

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