Francesca Farago’s Best 2021 Fashion Moments

Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago had a number of iconic fashion moments throughout 2021. Here are some of her best ensembles this year.

Ever since Francesca Farago joined the spotlight last spring following the success of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix, she has been sharing some pretty unique and chic fashion moments. Francesca was usually in a bikini on the show, as she and her co-stars were stuck in a villa close to the beaches of Mexico. Now that she is off the beach and back to a semi-normal life, she’s been wearing a number of eye-catching outfits throughout 2021.

With so many new eyes on Francesca Farago thanks to the fame she’s received from Too Hot To Handle, she has been upping her fashion game as well. Whether it’s a low-cut dress, a revealing bikini, or streetwear fashion, Francesca knows how to pull off any

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