‘Queer Eye’ fashion expert Tan France told us the trends he thinks we’ll see more of in 2021

tan france
Tan France wants the streetwear trend to end. Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

In a world filled with anxiety and uncertainty, “Queer Eye” style expert Tan France has one ardent wish for when there’s some stability: He really¬†hopes people will “embrace fashion” again, and also that streetwear is on its way out.

“It’s a difficult [question], because we don’t really know what’s going to happen with the pandemic. I’m hoping that the world will get back on track within the next few months, ” France recently told Insider while promoting his collaboration with EyeBuyDirect.

“Up until the point where we do start to get back to some normalcy, I think that people are going to stick with what they’ve done over the last few months, which is sweats,” he said.

“Then after that, I am really hoping that people will embrace fashion again,” France added.¬†

France is best known

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