The 12 biggest fashion moments of 2020

They say that hindsight is 20/20.

And yet at the close of this year, we’re still struggling to make sense of the various ways our lives changed.

From a fashion perspective, our wardrobe needs shifted. Who could have imagined that we’d all spend so much of this year in sweatpants? Or that a cloth face mask would become everyone’s go-to statement piece?

Some of us — myself included — missed dressing up so much that we took new sartorial risks, pairing stilettos with pajamas and formalwear with slippers. It was a good reminder that deep down, we’re all really dressing for ourselves, and the so-called “rules” of style are meant to be broken.

Clothing also became even more political this year, as the election loomed and the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum. As a result, the fashion industry did some serious soul-searching, coming to terms with its

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