Meet Rejina Pyo

If you were to describe Rejina Pyo, you’d reach for the most polite adjectives – sweet, nice or just lovely, ‘so, so lovely’, as she has been described by everyone, from former interns to the most curmudgeonly members of the fashion press.

We meet on one of the hottest days of August, at the end of a marathon six-hour shoot, spread across four locations. Everyone, from assistants to art directors, is exhausted, flush-faced and huffing beneath surgical masks in the stifling heat. Everyone except Pyo, who sits in the centre of it all, cool as a mill pond, with a smile that spreads slowly across her face, reaching her eyes.

If you don’t know Pyo by name, you will almost certainly recognise the styles for which she has become known: easy-to-wear separates, elegant ‘with a twist, a little detail’ that make everyday styles less ordinary. Those, and the puff-shouldered

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