You Haven’t Noticed Jill Biden’s Campaign Style. That’s the Point.

Some of Jill Biden’s accessories, such as her face mask and Stuart Weitzman boots, have a very literal message: VOTE (specifically, one can assume, for her husband).

But the rest of her wardrobe serves a quieter purpose: it is a visual reminder of her husband’s promised values. Her outfits—an emerald green satin wrap dress for the first debate, a wool blazer, printed scarf, maxi dress and suede boots for a campaign stop in Pennsylvania—speak the language of a seasoned, proficient dresser.

After decades working as a college professor and serving as a politician’s wife, Dr. Biden understands the way clothes communicate personality. But like running mate Kamala Harris, she never wants it to be all about what she wears.

Dr. Biden re-wears outfits often, which earns her “relatability” points on social media and can be viewed as an olive branch to environmentalists. (Though banning fracking would do

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