What Comes After Sweatpants | Intelligence, BoF Professional

NEW YORK, United States – Consumers the world over have swaddled themselves in leggings and athleisure since March. Fashion brands are itching for them to move on.

Brands that profited from the comfy clothing boom at the start of the pandemic know there are only so many pairs of sweats they can sell. But rather than pivot right back to suits and button-down tops, many labels are easing customers back to fitted clothing.

Take denim: jeans took a big hit during the first wave of lockdowns, when homebound shoppers saw little point to encasing their legs in itchy, constricting fabric. Now, brands are attempting to revive the category, with some key modifications. The number of new denim styles featuring elastic waistbands jumped 35 percent between September and October, according to Edited, a retail analytics firm.

Elastic waists are a sign that comfort-first fashion isn’t going anywhere, even as consumers

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