10 Of The Best Shows To Watch If You’re A Fashionista, Ranked

Fashion, to some, is a huge outlet when it comes to expression and creativity, and fortunately, there is an inspiration to be seen and had on via television. Even if television shows don’t particularly focus solely on fashion, there are several that interweave style so effortlessly that the story could be told through the wardrobe. There are also shows out in the streaming service realm that focuses on fashion, and what it takes to be the next great designer.

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Either way, a fashionista craves good television with amazing footwear, trendy dresses, and an overall vibe that oozes style. The shows below are for that type of person to binge-watch and gain insight into the world of the fashion industry, paired with the overzealous world of the Hollywood industry, as well.

10 Styling Hollywood – 6.7

Two Men Smiling For The Camera

What does a viewer get when a stylist and interior designer pair up? Styling Hollywood, of course! Jason Bolden and his husband Adair Curtis of JSN Studio work wonders when it comes to celebrities on the red carpet and in the home of A-listers. Currently, on Netflix, the first season was released in August 2009 and has since gained a huge following.

There are eight episodes in the first season, and the two men help celebrities like Serena Williams, Taraji P. Henson, and Zazie Beetz get ready for public appearances like The Emmys. There’s drama along the way, but the guys always make sure their clients are happy.

9 Sex And The City – 7.1

From 1998-2004, four women with incredible lives journey through life and love together in Sex and City. There have been a lot of shows like Sex and the City that tried to match that success, but none have really come close.

Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie, and Samantha show viewers what it’s like to live in NYC in the 1990s while exploring sex, jobs, and incredible fashion. The characters on Sex and the City have no shortage of questionable dating choices, which makes it even more exciting. After two movies, and a future re-boot, Sex and the City is a show to re-watch over and over.

8 Emily In Paris – 7.1

Collage Of Emily's Wardrobe On Show

Based on creator Darren Star’s own time in Paris, Emily in Paris is an inspiring show that viewers won’t want to end. When Emily Cooper gets a chance of a lifetime to help a French marketing firm, she makes her own way across the city, while clashing with her new co-workers, and stumbling upon love.

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Emily might not be entirely in tune with Paris yet, but she isn’t without style and an undoubtable confidence to top it off. Some viewers disagree on if Emily is a trendsetter or just plain basic, but everyone will agree Emily in Paris is a “pretty” show.

7 Project Runway – 7.3

Cast Of Project Runway

Since 2004, Project Runway has been providing aspiring fashion designers a platform to show off their skills and climb the ranks of the fashion industry. Project Runway isn’t just any old reality television show, it enlightens, educates, and entertains viewers at the same time.

From 2004 to 2017, supermodel Heidi Klum hosted the show with Tom Gunn, and once the two had other obligations, American model Karlie Kloss stepped in with Christian Siriano, Season 4 winner of the show. While Project Runway is one of Bravo’s longest-running shows, there are things about the show that haven’t exactly aged well.

6 Next In Fashion – 7.3

Panel Of Judges On Show

Next in Fashion is one of the newer shows in the reality television-based genre, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a solid show about fashion. Season one premiered in 2020 and highlighted 18 established fashion designers, who want the chance to wish a cash prize, and the opportunity to launch a clothing line.

Next in Fashion is light, beautiful, and hosted by well-versed fashion industry icons Alexa Chung and Tan France. While most looks on Next in Fashion are spot-on and trendy, others didn’t quite make the cut.

5 Bridgerton – 7.4

Three Women And Man Looking Off-Camera

Released as a Netflix Original, Bridgerton is about fashion, but not in the way one might think. Set in Regency-era England, the Bridgerton family is wealthy, powerful, and revolve their lives around the social season and the perfect daughters for marriage. When a supposed mystery woman named Lady Whistledown starts writing about the powerful families, scandal ensues. Some fans of Bridgerton might even say that it’s similar to Gossip Girl but set in a different time.

Bridgerton was produced by Shona Rhimes and is based on Julia Quinn’s novels set in the same era. The show is bright, bold, and even though fashion is much different than what people see in 2021, it can still be appreciated by any fashionista.

4 Younger – 7.8

Cast Of Show Walking Down The Street

At one time or another, people might not be totally forthcoming about who they are, but when it comes to Darren Star’s Younger, the show takes it one step further. Welcome, Liza Miller, a 40-something woman that’s a single mother, and is itching to get back into the working world.

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She’s aware she is considered too old for many of the roles she wants, so she tells a little white lie and claims she’s in her mid-20’s. She lands herself a job at a publishing house, where her fashion sense flourishes, her love life heats up, and drama is hiding in every corner.

3 The Bold Type – 8.0

Three Women In Fashion Closet

Originally released on the Freeform channel, The Bold Type is a comedy-drama that was loosely based on the life of Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. The series revolves around three young women who are living in New York City and trying to climb the ranks in the fashion world.

The Bold Type is a great series about friendship, complex relationships, and of course, incredible fashion. After binging the show, viewers will wish they have a closet full of high-end brands in their company closet, too.

2 Schitt’s Creek – 8.5

Cast Of Show Posing For Camera

When Schitt’s Creek made its way onto the Netflix scene, other television shows didn’t have a chance. Schitt’s Creek is a well-rounded comedy that has won multiple awards thus far. From 2015-2020, creators Dan Levy and Eugene Levy brilliantly painted the picture of a rich and snooty family who realize their business manager embezzled the company fortune.

The Rose family is forced to relocate to Schitt’s Creek, a small town Johnny Rose jokingly bought for his son, David in the past. The show follows the family as they stick out like a sore thumb with their fun fashion choices and their attempt at a new life. Schitt’s Creek might not have the most realistic storylines, but it is a great break from reality and to get a good laugh.

1 The Queen’s Gambit – 8.6

Collage Of Beth's Wardrobe

The Queen’s Gambit might be about the game of chess and a young woman who battles her way through a man’s world, but it is also a great show filled with fun fashion pieces from the 1960s. Beth Harmon is smart and charismatic but has her own demons as she lost her mother at a young age and became an orphan.

Whether she knows it or not, Beth’s fashion sense fits her personality and stands out amongst the rest of the sea of neutral colors.

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