Legacies: The 10 Most Stylish Characters, Ranked

As part of The Vampire Diaries franchise, Legacies has excelled at creating a dark, yet appealing fashion style amongst all of its characters throughout several seasons. The show, which follows Hope Mikaelson and her friends at the Salvatore School, captures the essence of vampirism and academia at the same time.

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All this being said, these characters and their style vary greatly as they try to define themselves through their clothing. Even while fighting monsters and Malevore, certain people in the show maintain their amazing styles and continue to develop them during each season.

10 Landon Kirby

Landon Kirby walks to class on Legacies

Landon, who is in one of the strongest relationships in Legacies with his girlfriend, Hope, is a complex character with powers that no one understands. He is always dressed in dark, casual clothes that make him seem like the mysterious yet

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10 Of The Best Shows To Watch If You’re A Fashionista, Ranked

Fashion, to some, is a huge outlet when it comes to expression and creativity, and fortunately, there is an inspiration to be seen and had on via television. Even if television shows don’t particularly focus solely on fashion, there are several that interweave style so effortlessly that the story could be told through the wardrobe. There are also shows out in the streaming service realm that focuses on fashion, and what it takes to be the next great designer.

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Either way, a fashionista craves good television with amazing footwear, trendy dresses, and an overall vibe that oozes style. The shows below are for that type of person to binge-watch and gain insight into the world of the fashion industry, paired with the overzealous world of the Hollywood industry, as well.

10 Styling Hollywood – 6.7

Two Men Smiling For The Camera

What does a viewer get

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