The Hottest Brands to Watch

Sustainability was the word of the day at this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week for the spring 2022 season. The Danish capital’s newly implemented rule states that all brands participating in shows must be at least 60 percent sustainable to be included. And everything Danes do—from the beauty products they put on their impossibly fresh faces to the overcoats they wear in case of a quick rainstorm to the Teslas they drive—stems from a sustainable or eco-conscious mindset.

Not only are Copenhagen residents ahead of the curve sustainability-wise, they also have one of the most gender-fluid and diverse fashion weeks. During a whirlwind three days, most of the collections I saw were entirely unisex. Some brands showed love for women’s bodies by having pregnant women walk in their shows, which I appreciated. Curiously enough, instead of the candy-colored street style seen on editors and influencers, the runway looks tended to be

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The Fashion and Beauty Trends to Watch for in 2021

2021 Fashion and Beauty Trends - yellow
Go bold with yellow! Mustard Crewneck Sweater, $75, at Viga Boutique, 125 N. Old Woodward, Birmingham; 248-227-7722;

Looking to try out a new look for the new year? We spoke with Raffaella Moda, a metro Detroit fashion stylist and image consultant, and Alissa Walker, a Kalamazoo-based makeup artist, about this year’s hot looks. Here, they predict what fashion and beauty trends will be the most popular in 2021.

Brighten Up

For spring 2021, Moda says that red and yellow will be the dominant color palettes. “These colors communicate so much energy, optimism, and positivity,” she says. “Red is the color of love and passion, while yellow is bright and cheery.” These warm tones look great separate or paired together for an eye-catching combination.

All That Glitters

Starting the new year with a little sparkle is nothing new, but Moda says that sequins will be trending all year. “A

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10 Of The Best Shows To Watch If You’re A Fashionista, Ranked

Fashion, to some, is a huge outlet when it comes to expression and creativity, and fortunately, there is an inspiration to be seen and had on via television. Even if television shows don’t particularly focus solely on fashion, there are several that interweave style so effortlessly that the story could be told through the wardrobe. There are also shows out in the streaming service realm that focuses on fashion, and what it takes to be the next great designer.

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Either way, a fashionista craves good television with amazing footwear, trendy dresses, and an overall vibe that oozes style. The shows below are for that type of person to binge-watch and gain insight into the world of the fashion industry, paired with the overzealous world of the Hollywood industry, as well.

10 Styling Hollywood – 6.7

Two Men Smiling For The Camera

What does a viewer get

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London Fashion Week Ones to Watch

LONDON — London Fashion Week kicks off today with a hybrid format. A batch of new talents from around the world has also joined the fashion week, despite challenges posed by the pandemic, to present their latest creations in London. Here, WWD highlights three emerging designers to watch for this season.

Susan Fang

A finalist for the LVMH Prize, Susan Fang’s beaded marble bags are one of the hottest accessories at the moment. Based between London and Shanghai, the brand has built up good momentum in China, and this season, she is joining London Fashion Week’s official calendar for the first time to present her colorful and airy spring 2021 collection with a short filmed in Shanghai, just a few days ahead of London Fashion Week.

Fang said she wanted to bring hope and the feeling of rebirth with her collection, as the pandemic has totally changed the way

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