The Pleated Tennis Skirt Style You’re Seeing Everywhere Is Under $20 at Amazon

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Fashion has certainly changed during the coronavirus pandemic. Heels and mini dresses are taking a back seat to comfortable slides and matching sweatsuits, which have been filling Instagram feeds and Pinterest pages since March. Instead of relying on runway shows and collection launches, we’re now looking solely to social media for inspiration, furthering the E-girl revolution that’s already underway.

E-girls (along with YouTubers like Emma Chamberlain and TikTok stars like Kourtney Kardashian’s newest BFF, Addison Rae) are girls and women who are very internet-savvy and very fashion-forward, often resurrecting retro styles and turning them into modern, sought-after trends. Their latest endeavor should be a shock to no one: It takes after the internet’s favorite fashion guru, Princess Diana.

Yes, the tennis skirt is back , in all of its pleated glory.

The trend started to become apparent when Rae, TikTok’s highest earner, posted a video in a pleated tennis skirt. Then, Chamberlain took to Instagram and showed off the same style to her nearly 10 million followers. A week later, being on the internet looked like how I imagine being at Wimbledon would — tennis skirts and pretty people wearing them were everywhere.

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Usually with online fashion trends, the looks look better filtered, but that’s not the case with a good old-fashioned tennis skirt . The A-line is actually flattering IRL, and the stretchy, flexible style is comfortable for everything from brunches to hikes.

A tennis skirt is the perfect median between preppy, athleisure, and grunge, and it’s something that can be styled to anyone’s taste. If you’re feeling casual, throw on a tee or sports bra, and you’ve got yourself a look fit for an Outdoor Voices campaign. Want to channel Cher’s greatest Clueless look? Dig into your closet for that sweater vest you’ve been avoiding and give it one big apology, because it’s about to be your new staple. Trying to add an edge to your weekday style? Tennis skirt + Doc Martens = Big Bella Hadid Energy.

Another positive: You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on this look. In fact, you don’t even have to spend more than $20. There’s a classic pleated tennis skirt available right now on Amazon for $17 or less, and it comes in every color or pattern you’d ever want (including a yellow plaid pattern that Cher would be “totally butt crazy in love with”). The beloved skirt has more than 1,500 reviews and a 4.3-star rating, and it comes with built-in shorts. Are you totally buggin’ yet?

Reviewers say this item (which is Amazon’s top-selling women’s skirt ) comes in a comfortable length that looks good with everything from athletic tank tops to oversized t-shirts. “Honestly I wasn’t expecting to like this skirt as much as I do,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “It fits me absolutely perfectly… The skirt is amazing material, thick, and
not see through at all.”

Below, shop this summer’s favorite style — and the summer of 1995’s — for under $20.

Shop now: $13–$17;

Shop now: $13–$17;

Shop now: $13–$17;

Shop now: $13–$17;

Shop now: $13–$17;