The Fall Trend Fashion Girls From 20 to 50 Years Old Are Obsessed With

Calling a suit a “trend” does seem a bit odd considering most people think of their suits as timeless wardrobe staples, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that suiting finally felt trendy again versus, well, a little tired. Thanks to brands like Tibi, Proenza Schouler, and Bottega Veneta, sharp tailoring and investment-worthy blazers, trousers, and the like are all fashion girls can think about, but this fall 2020 season, things took a turn. When a timeless trend like suiting comes back around, it is common for designers to try to reinvent the wheel in an effort to make things feel fresh again. Now that we’ve had quite a few seasons of that, they did the opposite.

Instead of highlighting deconstructed blazers, the return of Bermuda shorts, and oversized ’80s shoulders, designers kept things simple and highlighted the true integrity of the suit. Show after show, we

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Fashion’s Butter Yellow Trend Will Make You Feel Like You’re Wearing a Warm Hug

Photo credit: Victor VIRGILE - Getty Images
Photo credit: Victor VIRGILE – Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Confession: I’ve become obsessed with the subtle beauty of pale, pastel yellow that’s been named after one of my favorite food ingredients. Yes, don’t judge me, but I’m equally obsessed with literal butter as I am with butter yellow the color.

All of the reasons I love that melty goodness on a slice of bread are the same reasons I love the shade. It’s as comforting as a hug, warm as sunshine on a cloudy day, and, of course, it looks—and, well, tastes—amazing. By the way, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs, and Miu Miu seem to agree with me. They included tons of butter yellow outfits on the runway, which obviously just makes my heart feel all happy inside.

Street style stars have gone all in on the pastel color too. As they demonstrate in the gallery below, the pale tint looks

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Hot Men in Bandanas Is 2020’s Only Good Fashion Trend

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos Getty/Instagram
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos Getty/Instagram

Subjectively speaking, face masks are hot. The biggest trend of 2020 serves as a visual reminder that the wearer is civically minded, cares about their community, and isn’t some #Plandemic conspiracy theorist/truther. All attractive qualities.

Maybe you do not agree with that subjective statement, but I think we can all get behind one objective fact: face masks are literally hot. It’s not quite breathable to stuff one’s snout under layers of cotton. So we sweat. A lot. 

How Tim Kaine, in Face Mask Bandana, Became the Senate’s Coolest Cowboy

How one chooses to mop up their perspiration can be the stuff of awkwardness. Yesterday, I wiped down my forehead with a crumbled old CVS receipt found in the bottom of my backpack. Others have their wicking game down. See: dudes in bandanas. 

Fashionistas from Sarah Jessica Parker to Senator Tim

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