Kids Latest Fashion Trend Decoded! Fabric Style To Theme, Update Your Child’s Wardrobe!

Fashion is something that rules the world in some or the other way and the industry huge across the world. Fashion designers try to come up with something unique every month and with every collection they try to breathe in a fresh air of sorts to change the way people look at daily wear, casual wear, swimwear, bridal wear and even nightwear. Not just women, fashion is huge for men as well. Not just regukar people, fashion has also entered and explored maternity wear to give a twist and pick me up to all those expecting moms who thought only oversized clothing is what they have to wear. One area that has witnessed a huge boom is that of kidswear which ranges from matching outfits with the parents. Their clothes are as pricey as ours and the designs out there for children knows no bounds that sometimes we wish we could wear them as kids as well. The trends keep changing for their outfits as well and here is what the latest market is all about. 

Mr Vickram Kumar, Founder of Nino Bambino told HerZindagi that “the kids apparel industry has been witnessing a sea change at the moment. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kidswear demand has not slowed down like other segments. Online shopping for kids apparel is on the rise. With the ease of delivery, safety, ease of returns and feedback, mothers feel encouraged to purchase online. It is also a convenient way to shop and to avoid crowded markets.”

Tracing and explaining the latest trends, here is what Kumar shared.

Ecofriendly Clothing

eco friendly

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eco friendly

Today, eco-friendly and skin-friendly clothing is in demand. It has become more important with the pandemic as well as with the rise in pollution. Today’s parents are more conscious of the environment and concerned about their child’s health.

Branded Apparel

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Branded apparel, especially licensee clothing are witnessing an upswing where kids are the decision-makers. Marvel, DC, Doremon, WB etc. all have takers. Even Indian brands like Chota Bheem is licenced to apparel brands.

Quality Importance

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Quality is becoming increasingly important in the purchasing decisions of parents.


shape, arrow: colours

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Bright colours are always in fashion when it comes to kids clothing. Finally, Clothes have to be comfortable for the child. Therefore, the sizing and material used have also become important.


Parents prefer clothes made from natural and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, organic cotton etc., for their children.

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According to a report by IMARC Group website, the Indian kid’s apparel market reached a value of “US$ 14.9 Billion in 2019”.

“India is one of the largest contributors in the apparel-retail sector globally and it is becoming a hub for kids apparel and fashion retailers as well. The kids apparel market caters to children between 0 to 14 years of age and has been segmented into boys-wear and girls-wear. The Indian boys-wear segment currently accounts for the majority of the market share.

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“The girls-wear segment, however, is also exhibiting strong growth characterized by a gradual shift in preferences due to the changing trends. Traditionally, the girls-wear segment was inclined towards ethnic and cultural clothing, but it is also shifting towards more contemporary and comfortable garments,” read the report.

Tracing the reason behind this huge growth, the report added that since the children today have huge exposure to media, their knowledge and their parent’s awareness has increased. The parents are now aware of the brands that cater to children as well. 

“This has resulted in children’s active participation in their apparel purchase decisions as much as their parents,” read the report. 

Famous cartoon characters have made their way to all homes and the demand for such designs on their clothes has become a huge demand. 


What do you like the most for your kid? How important is the fabric to you? Environment-friendly clothing is the latest in thing and it is also a way of teaching your child that they are the future and all their choices including clothes starting today would contribute to a positive change in the way our world operates.


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