11 Best TikTok-Viral Claw Clips Of 2021 For Every Hair Type

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From slip dresses to high-waisted pants, to bike shorts, and rollerblades, the ’90s are back and stronger than ever in the fashion world.

Arguably one of the best trends to return is the claw clip. Thanks to TikTok’s fashion scene, the easy-to-use hair accessory can finally leave your bathroom counter for everything from brunch to yoga and date night.

ICYMI, claw clips are the ultimate hair hack if you missed a wash day, need your hair out of your face, or just feel like mixing up your usual style. The only issue with claw clips is that a lot of them simply don’t stay put in your strands, which is why influencers on TikTok put out tons of helpful tutorials like this one for long hair and this one for curly hair.

And, don’t worry—claw clips have come a long way from the easily breakable ones

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Releases Hair Care Beauty Brand, Anomaly

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is very busy — despite the pandemic.

“Unusually busy,” she said, on a video call from London. “It’s crazy.”

She typically lives a fast-paced life (alongside pop star husband Nick Jonas) as an actor and producer, balancing several projects at once, she explained. And while confined to her home in lockdown for six months last year, she continued to keep busy.

She worked on developing TV shows, signed a multimillion-dollar first-look deal with Amazon and wrote a memoir, “Unfinished,” which will be released on Feb. 9. When she was able to leave her house in October, she returned to the set of Lana Wachowski’s upcoming and much buzzed about “The Matrix 4” with Keanu Reeves, then wrapped Sony Pictures’ “Text for You” (“with Sam Heughan and Celine Dion — her acting debut, which is very exciting,” she said). And now,

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The standout hair and beauty trends from Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2021

(Source, left: rickowens.eu; middle: driesvannoten.com; right: dior.com)

Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2021 was inarguably about the clothes, with a toned-down, natural approach being the dominant trend when it came to hair and grooming. Whether in Milan or Paris, simplicity reigned supreme.

It can be fun when designers and stylists integrate daring makeup or inventive hairstyles, but they’re not always the easiest to translate into day-to-day life. With their emphasis on simplicity, the recent shows left us with looks that are inherently attainable, rather than simply aspirational.

Unkempt, tousled hair

It’s fitting that after a year of spending so much time cooped up at home — rolling out of bed and walking a few metres to a makeshift home office — unkempt bed-head would be all the rage. Of course, these looks were far from unkempt, meticulously placed and tousled just so. But the underlying message was clear: it’s OK to

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5 Hair Accessories All the Fashion Girls Are Wearing This Fall

When it comes to doing my own hair, I have zero patience for anything elaborate. Even the thought of the time it takes to curl or straighten my hair (for context, my hair is rather thick, and I am blessed with a decent wave pattern) is enough to make me tie it up and out of the way. This laziness on my part is largely the reason I’ve become obsessed with hair accessories.

With the power to make your hair look pretty with minimal effort, hair accessories have become my go-to when my outfit feels a little plain or I need a quick switch-up. So you can imagine my delight when, a couple of years back, hair accessories became a priority on the style agenda—and they’ve remained such ever since.

So as we start thinking about fall dressing from head to toe, it’s time to shine a light on

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