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Conquering the to-do list takes a little extra motivation in 2020. Many of us have found ways to rise to the everyday, but thriving under the pressures of the new norm is just part of the job for Sandy Pierre. A marketer for Elle’s publisher, Hearst, Sandy navigates a demanding schedule while still finding time to be an active leader in her community.

Pierre is also the co-founder of Hearst Black Culture, which aims to lift Black voices from within the Hearst brand portfolio and beyond. She launched the coalition in 2019 as a means to address the lack of diversity she witnessed on her own team. “I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create [Hearst Black Culture]: a space for Black employees where they feel safe, where we can amplify Black voices, and help HR recruit more diverse talent.” Naturally, leading simultaneous roles within one organization—as well as her events side hustle, Secure My Brand—means that a day in Pierre’s life (especially in 2020) requires a lot of drive.

Commanding a busy agenda—day in and day out—can be overwhelming, but Pierre is a master pulling it off with effortless style. So we’ve teamed up with SOREL to take a closer look at what keeps this creative on her A-game.


Elle / Olaide Ojekunle

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I get out of bed between 7:30 and 8 am and set the tone for a productive day by making the bed. After my usual breakfast of avocado toast and tea, I change into my new WFH uniform: elevated sweats. It’s comfortable and I can wear it out to run errands. Finishing the outfit with a pair of SOREL Lennox Hiker Booties adds some style to my everyday look. Plus, putting on real shoes makes me feel like I’m actually working in an office space.

Once dressed, it’s time to make things happen. I start the work day combing through emails and doing check-ins with my team. No day is really the same. On the marketing side, I’m usually working on sweepstakes and creating proposals for advertising campaigns. Video calls are routine, which is why I always make sure my style is versatile. Being comfortable really keeps my mind at ease, and I don’t have to worry about being so buttoned up—I can be myself, which is creative and focused on giving great ideas.


After a busy morning, I usually step out for a mental recharge. I stop by to check in on a friend and walk her dog around the neighborhood. Whenever I can’t leave the house, I’ll try to squeeze in a virtual workout class to keep the energy up. After a quick bite of lunch, it’s back to the computer screen. Lately, I’ve been putting in a lot of face time on the West Coast. I’m pitching to PR agencies, seeing how we can get talent for our next Quarantini—an employee virtual event series Hearst Black Culture launched during the pandemic.

What started as a company happy hour quickly grew to film screenings with special guests, including high-profile actors and stylists. We just hosted an event for an awards show where we partnered up with a spirits brand, and they sent us cocktail kits to make signature drinks for the night. One of the biggest goals we achieved was to raise money for the Black Lives Matter movement during the protests after the murder of George Floyd. We got Hearst to match it, and overall, we raised around $223,600 to go to different organizations.


Elle / Olaide Ojekunle


In normal circumstances, I would rather be out and about at the end of my day. Especially after a long day of emails and meetings, hanging out with friends can be a breath of fresh air. I try not to let my work life consume me, and staying connected to my community both in and out of work is essential. Now that there is outdoor dining, it’s a little easier to meet up with friends at a local bar.

For nights out, I go for a polished-meets-practical look. These days I’ve been obsessed with slip dresses, and I love that they pair perfectly with my favorite fall boot—the SOREL Lennox Hiker. My after-hours look is all about feeling relaxed, so I can really focus on my time with others. I’m an extrovert and being around people fuels my energy. After all, tomorrow’s another day, and I’ll need that energy to make big things happen.

Styled by Kia Goosby. LOOK 1: SOREL boots,; Cardigan,; Tank top,; Sweatpants,; Socks,; Necklace, LOOK 2: SOREL boots,; Trench coat,; Dress,; Turtleneck,; Bag,; Necklace,; Rings,; Earrings,

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