Charting her style evolution from from Sloane Ranger to fashion renegade



More than 20 years after her death, Princess Diana’s legacy remains a global obsession. From the Virgin Atlantic jumper she wore to the gym, or the “Black Sheep” crewneck that recently went back on sale, to the velvet gown she wore to dance with John Travolta at the White House, each outfit is as memorable as the moment in which she wore it.

Hers was a wardrobe to suit all tastes, from offbeat mods to strait-laced sloanes, depending on the decade. And while much of it was exemplary of the era (is there anything more 1980s than the leg-of-mutton sleeves and 25-foot train of her Emanuel taffeta wedding gown?), the Diana aesthetic has endured the ages. Today, brands continue to take cues from key looks in the Princess of Wales’ wardrobe, like her peter pan collars and polka dot tea dresses.

With the world commemorating what would have been

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Reemerging from lockdown? Fashion and beauty tips for a post-confinement world

Written by Megan C. Hills, CNN

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have daydreamed about what life might look like once the world starts recovering. As we stewed in our tracksuits and traded makeup for skincare, we fantasized about the ordinary: our first haircut, the next date night outfit, wearing lipstick without it smearing all over our masks.
Many parts of the world are seeing lockdowns begin to ease. Countries like the UK and France are among those set to cautiously reopen in the coming weeks, while in the US, states from California to New York have now lifted restrictions.

And as people re-emerge into society, many of us are reassessing our relationship with fashion and beauty.

Much has changed in the past year. Style forecasts were left by the wayside, as comfort and ease superseded glamour and frivolity. But while our social lives diminished, so too did the
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20 Major Fashion Trends of the Past 20 Years

In the new millennium, fashion took a turn toward the maximalist. The early to mid-1990s had down-to-earth grunge looks and severely chic minimalism, but by later in the decade and into the early aughts the sparkly, candy-colored fashions of pop stars like The Spice Girls and Britney Spears started to filter into contemporary teen style. In these innocent years before social media influencers became style guides, the fashion-obsessed masses took cues from magazines and celebrities. As is so often the case in fashion, a lot of these trends (many of which—let’s be real—weren’t that cute to begin with) are now coming back in style, especially among Gen Z-ers who weren’t even born when the looks first trended.

While we may not want to squirm back into a pair of low-rise jeans anytime soon, it’s still fun to reflect on some of the chaotic but occasionally cute trends that defined

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