This Summer’s Hottest Look Is Skin. Lots of It.

“What do we wear now?” has become fashion’s most pressing post-vaccine question. (Perhaps tied with “How do we make money now?”). One answer, according to celebrities who are currently shedding clothes like snakes lose skin: nothing. We are wearing nothing now.

After 15 months of isolation and next to no external validation, it makes sense that we’d want to get naked. Especially if we were, say, Milo Ventimiglia (and his legs) parading around in extra-short shorts, or Megan Thee Stallion playing nurse for a promotional photoshoot in an assless white skirt.

Or consider Lizzo, pants-less and going on a late-night french-fry run. Emily Ratajkowski managing to both hold her baby and show off her strappy cutout bikini also comes to mind as exemplary naked dressing.

Celebrities have long loved the next-to-nothing trend. See: the sheer (save for 2,500 shimmering rhinestone appliqués) Marilyn Monroe wore to sing

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