Woman’s wallet stolen at Marc’s during distraction theft: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter


Theft: Eastgate Plaza

A woman, 82, reported Jan. 21 that her wallet had been stolen from her purse while she was shopping at Marc’s. She believed a woman who had conversed with her in the store stole the wallet while distracting her.

She said the woman left the store with a man. A credit card in the wallet was later found to have been used for a $3,000 transaction at the Walmart in the city. Police are investigating.

Impaired driving: Marsol Road

A Bedford woman, 22, was arrested for OVI Jan. 22 after her vehicle struck another vehicle, a stop sign and a light pole.

Counterfeiting: Mayfield Road

A man reported Jan. 22 that he had received 45 counterfeit $20 bills when meeting a man in the Walmart parking lot to sell him a video game console.

He said the man told him he was on crutches and could not get out of his vehicle. He was suspicious of this and asked to see the money before making the exchange. He said the suspect immediately drove away when he questioned him about the money.

He did not want to pursue the matter because the suspect’s identity could not be confirmed, and he did not turn over the console.

Animal bites: Temple Avenue

A man said Jan. 24 that he was bitten on the upper lip by a dog while at a friend’s house the previous night and that he had received 20 stitches at the hospital.

Officers contacted the dog’s owner, who confirmed the story and said the pit bull has no history of biting anyone. Officers advised him to quarantine the dog for 10 days.

Violation of protection order: Golden Gate Boulevard

Officers responded to the Comfort Inn around 12:15 a.m. Jan. 25 regarding a report of a dispute between a man and woman in a room.

It was discovered that the Cleveland man, 23, had an active warrant with Cleveland police for domestic violence and was also in violation of a protection order, with the woman listed as the protected party.

A gun was found in the room, but neither claimed ownership of it. The man was charged with violating the protection order.

Assault: Marsol Road

A woman reported Jan. 25 that she had been struck in the face by a former friend while in a fitness center at the Drake apartments. Both women gave officers conflicting statements about what led to the incident, but it was clear there were ongoing issues.

Upon review by the prosecutor, the 27-year-old suspect was charged with assault.

Theft: Golden Gate Boulevard

Loss prevention at Costco reported Jan. 25 that a man had stolen two Bose speakers from the store on consecutive days in the past week. The Cleveland man, 47, was identified, as he had made purchases using his membership card.

He returned the items, valued at a total of $449, to the store on Jan. 26 and was charged with theft.

The thefts had been discovered after the packaging from the items was found in store trash cans.

Suspicion: Golden Gate Boulevard

Officers responded to the parking lot at the Comfort Inn around 11:15 p.m. Jan. 27 on a report of a man looking into vehicles. A tow-truck driver was there and said the only man he saw was the man he was performing a vehicle lock-out for — a 37-year-old Beachwood man.

That man had an active warrant with Cleveland Heights police. He was staying in the hotel and found hiding in a laundry room. He was turned over to Cleveland Heights police without incident.

Domestic violence: Woodhurst Avenue

A man, 38, was arrested for domestic violence at his home Jan. 27 after an incident involving the mother of his child. Officers received conflicting stories, but video of the incident suggested that the man was the primary aggressor.

Fraud: SOM Center Road

A Wendy’s employee stated Jan. 22 that a deposit from the store had gone missing and a bank employee may have caused the issue. The incident is under investigation.

Neighbor trouble: Summit Drive

A woman said Jan. 23 that she had received a threatening letter from a neighbor regarding a bird feeder and her feeding deer.

Officers determined that the letter was a copy of the city ordinance asking her to follow regulations. The woman said she will try to prevent spilling of bird feed to keep the squirrels away.

Harassment: Lander Road

A woman reported Jan. 23 that a man was making racist threats against her and her daughter and had driven past her home. Police are investigating.

Fraud: Mayfield Road

Fed Ex-Kinko’s staff reported Jan. 27 that an elderly woman had tried to mail cash and a check in an apparent scam. They did not process the shipment and turned the money and check over to police, who returned the property to the woman’s son and advised him to speak with his mother regarding

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