Why a statement jumper and slinky skirt is the perfect ageless fashion pairing for winter

Once, during my time as a fashion director, to illustrate a story idea to my editor, I transformed the summer outfit I was wearing – a tiered silk maxi skirt, white cotton T-shirt and simple sandals – into a ­winter ensemble. It was hardly a makeover of Wonder Woman proportions, I simply pulled on a roll-neck sweater, swapped sandals for suede knee boots and – ta-dah! – versatile, year-round style. You don’t need to be a fashion editor to master the art of outfit adaptability, but now more than ever we are making the most of the clothes we already own; juxtaposing different items, mixing up fabrics and textures to find cool combinations.

Whether you like to be Zoom-ready or not, the concept of “party on the top half and comfort on the bottom” has plenty of mileage. The statement jumper and slinky skirt combo is relaxed enough for sitting at the computer, and looks good enough for a stint of “above-the-table dressing” later in the day. This tie-dye sweater is from the splendid knitwear brand &Daughter; made in Donegal from 100 per cent Scottish-spun lambswool and then enhanced using natural dyes.

Even though I grew up in the 1970s and had a teenage penchant for alternative fashion, I have never worn tie-dye before. Deconstructed vintage garments and holey mohair jumpers; yes. Swirly patterns, no. Although I do vaguely remember attempting tie-dye once for junior school homework, creating groovy effects on clothing belonging to my younger brother – I’m sure he was delighted with the results.