what to ask your lash tech

What to Ask Your Lash Tech If You’re New to Eyelash Extensions

If you are contemplating acquiring eyelash extensions or have currently built an appointment, congratulations! You’re about to get 1 of the most glamorous treatment plans about.

They’ve been all around for rather some time now, but it can be hard to know what to check with for if you’re not perfectly versed in the entire world of lash extensions!

Look for ‘eyelash extensions’ on Instagram or Google Photos, and you’ll be achieved with all way of lash looks from the mega quantity to cat style to wispy hybrids – but what does all of that necessarily mean, and what if you really don’t want a daring lash glimpse? Well, lucky for you, we’re here to enable you wade via the minefield that is eyelash extensions!

what to ask your lash tech

What exactly are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are – generally speaking – created from artificial fiber. When we apply eyelash extensions, we use a pair of tremendous fine-tipped tweezers to isolate a one just one of your pure lashes and implement a solitary extension (or supporter of extensions, if you have a volume lash set) to that eyelash. We repeat this right until each individual of your lashes is coated.

Kinds of eyelash extensions


Mink eyelash extensions are a good option if you want a normal glance. Serious mink fur would make these search and sense very natural. They are, having said that, the most pricey kind of eyelash extension.


For an inexpensive substitute, take into consideration artificial eyelash extensions. These are designed from artificial fibers, so they are not as delicate as mink eyelash extensions. If you want a natural glimpse, they are nevertheless a very good alternative.


For one thing a little much more dramatic, try out silk eyelash extensions. Silk fibers make these incredibly gentle and organic-looking. On the other hand, they’re also pricey.

The software you want

There are a lot of approaches eyelash extensions can be utilized in phrases of volume and coverage, but just to start off out awesome and uncomplicated, we’ll go more than the most important 3 – classics, hybrids, and quantity.

Traditional lashes are sometimes referred to basically as ‘single lash extensions’ as they are exactly that – one solitary eyelash extension positioned on one one normal lash. These can be tremendous refined, give a mascara influence, or even be a bit much more dramatic, depending on just which lashes are utilised.

Quantity lashes are built from lash ‘fans’ – these are substantially finer than the lashes employed to make basic lash sets and, as these types of, can be designed into minor fans that build fluffy quantity appears to be on your lashes. Volume (like all the things else connected to eyelash extensions) arrives in a lot of kinds. Usually, your lash technician will make the enthusiasts by hand as they operate. However, you can get premade volume supporters also, which will save a little bit of time for you and your lash tech even though giving you the very same incredible success.

Hybrid lashes, extremely merely, are a combination of basic and quantity lashes – relying on the seem, you’re hoping your lash tech may possibly use more classics than volume followers or vice versa or could possibly opt for an even 50/50 break up.

So what should really you check with your lash technician when you guide your appointment?

Realize the basics of eyelash extension treatment

Your lash tech will be in a position to fill you in on all the particulars, but it is useful to know a several issues going into your appointment. Lash extensions are semi-long term, which means they will past any where from 4-6 months with suitable treatment. Be confident to inquire your lash tech about the finest way to care for your extensions and what sort of products to use.

Know what operates for you

When you’re having lash extensions, you have lots of selections in phrases of size, thickness, and curl. Be positive to ask your lash tech about what will perform very best for your eye shape and what look you are likely for.


Lash extensions call for some upkeep. You are going to have to have to get them refilled each 4-6 weeks, and you may need to have to get them trimmed from time to time. Be guaranteed to question your lash tech about the finest way to treatment for your extensions to keep them wanting their finest.

Inquiring queries is the very best way to make certain you have a terrific expertise with your lash extensions. Be confident to ask your lash tech about just about anything you are unsure of in advance of your appointment.

how to ask for eyelash extensions

Design and style

When we discuss about styling, we’re conversing about the form of the eyelash extensions – there are 3 ‘main’ styles, but – if you haven’t guessed based mostly on just about every other element of lash extensions – there are versions to how these can look dependent on how they’re applied. You’re not likely to require to know the specific styling your lash tech takes advantage of, but if you are everything like us, you may possibly find this exciting in any case!

Dolly or open eye

Refers to very a symmetrical styling in which the longest lash extensions are utilized to the middle of the eye, and the lengths get shorter as they get the job done in the direction of the corners of your eyes.

Squirrel styling

No, we do not know why they selected squirrel as the title of this!) is a quite universal design and style exactly where shaping is anxious as it follows the normal arch of the brows and the common advancement of the purely natural lashes.

Cat design

Characterized by lengthier lengths on the outer corners of the eyes, it offers a sexy minor flick! Cat models are the most commonly proposed form, as it’s what everyone has listened to of. However, it really fits very couple men and women as it can lead to the eyes to glance sad because of to the extra size at the ends of the eyes.

Concerns to check with

  • How typically should I clean my lashes?
  • What kind of cleanser ought to I use?
  • How can I stop my lash extensions from slipping out prematurely?
  • What should really I do if I have an allergic reaction to the lash adhesive?

Bottom line

So there you have it – the fundamentals of eyelash extensions and what to ask your lash tech for! The more you search into lashes, and the additional you get them, the a lot more designs and looks you are going to arrive throughout, and the far more creativeness you can pay for your lash tech!

As substantially as we Appreciate that spiky, wispy quantity sets we see all over social media, our truthful tips to you is to start smaller – both go with classics or extremely gentle quantity and allow your lash technician know that you would like anything additional all-natural so that they can pick a lot less dramatic curls and lengths.

Though eyelash extensions – when utilized appropriately – are light-weight and will not weigh your natural lashes down at all. Heading from by no means getting eyelash extensions to getting a dramatic quantity established will experience large, and you will probably conclusion up not liking them!

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