The 2021 Met Gala Chairs Have Been Announced

Photo credit: HECTOR RETAMAL - Getty Images

Photo credit: HECTOR RETAMAL – Getty Images

Update 5/3/21:

The co-chairs of the 2021 Met Gala have been revealed.

Capturing the full scope of fashion, this year’s hosts will include Timothée Chalamet, Billie Eilish, award-winning athlete Naomi Osaka, and Inaugural poet, Amanda Gorman. While, Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, and Adam Mosseri are the event’s honorary chairs.

This news comes just a few weeks after The Costume Institute announced the Met Gala’s official return since the beginning of the pandemic. With American fashion as the evenings’ theme of choice, it makes sense that this years’ hosts all hold their own, very personal sense of style.

Original Story:

The date of the next Met Gala has been confirmed.

This morning, The Costume Institute answered the highly anticipated question of whether or not the Met Gala would be making a comeback this year after a hiatus because of the pandemic. The short answer? Yes. But things will look a bit different.

Sponsored by Instagram, the now multipart event will consist of two exhibitions, each with its own individual focus. Both will keep in line with the overarching theme of American fashion. The first part, which is titled “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” will begin showing as early as September 18. It plans to explore the way we as a community speak about the industry, as well as the general vocabulary surrounding it. The second installment, “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” which isn’t due until May 5, 2022, will break down the timeline of American fashion “by presenting narratives that relate to the complex and layered histories of those spaces,” according to a statement released by the storied art institution.

“Over the past year, because of the pandemic, the connections to our homes have become more emotional, as have those to our clothes,” Andrew Bolton, the Wendy Yu Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute, said on the choice of theme. “For American fashion, this has meant an increased emphasis on sentiment over practicality.”

Of course, the string of events wouldn’t be complete without corresponding soirees to mark the occasion. Part one of the exhibitions, for the first time since its conception in 1948, will be celebrated on Monday, September 13. Reverting back to the original calendar, the second gala will fall on May 2, 2022.

The 2020 Met Gala was postponed due to increasing COVID-19 restrictions, and was ultimately officially canceled a few months later. Though we didn’t get to see the biggest names in fashion offer their interpretations of the carefully chosen theme—About Time: Fashion and Duration—viewers were still able to see the curation from a safe social distance at the museum.

American fashion lovers have until September 5, 2022, to see both parts of the exhibition up close and personal at their leisure.

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