17 style suggestions for 60-year-olds who want to look better, not younger in 2022

White trainers

Trainers are no longer just for the gym. Over the past few years, they’ve become one of the most versatile fashion essentials, taking wearers from the supermarket to offices and smart restaurants.

Go for an understated pair in plain white with minimal decoration, and wear them with jeans, tailored trousers or midi skirts and dresses.

A good pair of jeans

Jeans are a great basic at any age, but your expectations and needs change over time. While flares may have been your go-to in your 20s and high-waisted tapered shapes in your 30s, jeans for the 60-something woman should be less ‘fad’-driven.

Invest in a sturdy straight-leg pair or the popular premium Mom style of jeans to see you throughout the day.

A classic watch

A great watch is like furniture in that you live with it day-in and day-out, so it’s important to choose something that you

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17 style suggestions for 60-year-olds who want to look better, not younger

It’s a common misconception that as we grow older, we want to look younger. Sure, we wouldn’t mind a style revamp – but who’s to say we’re not happy with ageing gracefully?

Now, we’re not saying that there aren’t a fair few tips to take on – but they’re more fashion faux pas in general, rather than style adjustments needed to be made to appear younger.

How is any age “supposed” to look? Suffice to say that there has never been a better time to be a grown-up. The caveat is that you have to put some effort in.

What’s important to remember is to know yourself. You know what works for you and what doesn’t – so while there’s no harm in taking on some styling tips, we’re past the point of wearing something just because someone tells us to. Listen to your bodies and know what you feel

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Watchmakers ramp up fashion tie-ups to target younger buyers

“Over the years, while designers have been concentrating on everything from the bosom to the knees, the wrist somehow got overlooked,” ran a print advertisement beside a photograph of male and female hands wearing watches under the headline “Dior Discovers the Wrist”.

The year was 1968, the advert was promoting “The Christian Dior Collection by Bulova” and in the half-century since, fashion and watchmaking have been locked in a dance, or rather they have been dance partners periodically trying out new steps and moves.

Now, a new combination of fashion and watches is gaining in popularity as collaborations increase. One of the more interesting launches this autumn will be Armani’s debut of a new prestige watch collection. “It will be a Giorgio Armani watch ‘by Parmigiani Fleurier’,” says Davide Traxler, Parmigiani chief executive. “It is a clientele we don’t necessarily reach, and they can discover Parmigiani Fleurier through Armani design.”

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