10 Fashion Styles That Are Always Trending on Amazon (& They’re All Under $160

From keeping up with the latest and greatest to finding ways to incorporate those trends into your wardrobe without losing yourself in the process, being a trendsetter is like having a second job. In other words, it’s not as easy as Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya make it look (because they really do make it look easy). Still, thanks to this list of 10 trending fashion items on Amazon, you can upgrade your wardrobe in just a few clicks. Oh, and did we mention that everything featured is under $160, from sneakers to swanky linen pants?

The Best Trending Fashion on Amazon at a Glance:

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Best Sneakers

Once we heard that these sneakers are favs of trendsetters like Reese Witherspoon, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, we knew we needed a pair. The simple design and silhouette

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8 Throwback Celebrity Outfits That Look Like They’re From 2021

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How Queer Women From The Past Are Inspiring TikTok Fashion Of Today

The enduring legacy of sapphic women throughout history is undeniable. Having created some of the most renowned works of literature and art, modern-day fashion lovers are indebted to the cultural significance that queer women have helped to establish. However, queer women of significant cultural importance, like Frida Kahlo and Virginia Woolf, have often had their queerness diminished or erased entirely through the process of ‘straightwashing’. Such women have been subject to heteronormative historicising and their work as pioneers for the LGBTQ+ community all too easily forgotten. Take, for example, Frida Kahlo, whose openness about her sexuality through her art – which explored sexual pleasure, infertility and her attraction to women – cemented her status as an icon among artists in the LGBTQ+ community. Her rumoured affairs with artist Georgia O’Keeffe and film actresses Dolores del

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Paris, NYC, and London Fashion Girls Told Me the 2021 Trends They’re Excited For

I often turn to stylish fashion insiders to get their insights on what they have their eye on at the moment—from the runway trends that are catching their attention to the exact items landing in their shopping carts. Thinking ahead to spring, I reached out to some fashion people in Paris, NYC, and London (a few of my favorite cities for cool style) and asked them to share which 2021 trends their most excited about for the upcoming season.

From barely there “naked dresses” and corset tops to fresh ideas for styling denim and the bold colors they’ll be swapping in for neutrals, there’s no shortage of fashion inspiration to borrow from them in the coming months. While their takes on popular fashion trends ahead in 2021 were across the style spectrum, there was one common theme: a general sense of optimism for where fashion is headed.

Paris Girls

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10 Latina Fashion Editors Share the Brands They’re Excited About Right Now

One of my favorite aspects of being a fashion editor is discovering exciting new brands and designers. Whether it’s small labels in their infancy or more established brands that catch my eye with their unique designs, it’s always a thrill (and an honor!) to share their creativity with a wider audience.

Being half-Paraguayan (I grew up in a household fervently proud of our Latin-American culture, from the Latin music that filled our home to the Yerba Mate we drank daily), so there’s no doubt that I get particularly giddy when I discover talent that speaks to my Latin-American roots and culture. So today, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, I’m excited to shine a light on a number of brands and designers from the Latin community who are making a mark in the fashion space. And who better to highlight some of the coolest up and coming brands than the

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