Fashion Trends Post-Pandemic, According to a Psychologist

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Fashion has always been an accessible creative outlet, but after more than a year spent inside our own homes, the future of getting dressed feels uncertain. We traded stiff jeans for pants with elastic waistbands and heels for house slippers—will we ever want to put on real clothes (or at least, clothes that don’t explicitly shout comfortable!) again?

The answer, according to fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell is yes—but the approach to fashion won’t be the same. By applying psychological theories to how we interact with clothing, including the buying, selling, styling, and design processes, Forbes-Bell works with brands (she is also currently the in-house Fashion Psychologist for Afterpay), to determine not what the trends are, but why they exist. Now, she’s using the same approach to think about what post-pandemic dressing will actually look like.

Fashion and the Brain

“The pandemic has caused a shift

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New Yorkers are donning colorful post-pandemic summer looks

This summer, the fashion forecast is flashy.

With more than half of New Yorkers now fully vaccinated, fab fashionistas are shedding their drab pandemic duds and slipping into vibrant attire in celebration of the season.  

“It’s over for the gray and black sweats,” Gabriella Lascano, 30, told The Post.   

The Bronx fashion influencer is ditching her joggers for electric orange and strawberry-pink glad rags.

“Being able to get sexy in colorful clothes again ignites my spirit.”

Here, six stylish New Yorkers show off their re-opening regalia.

Tomboy trendy

Kayana Aird in Brooklyn with her colorful pink and orange clothing, a happy way to start the summer with Covid restrictions being lifted in the tri-state area.
Keyana Aird in Brooklyn with her colorful pink and orange clothing, a happy way to start the summer with COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in the tri-state area.
New York Post

After a year of minding her teenage niece and toddler nephew, Keyana “Keekz” Aird is ready to let her fun fashion flag fly. “I’m definitely ready to break out of these sweatsuits

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Post-Pandemic Fashion Is Going “Back to Normal” Too Quickly

style points

Style Points is a weekly column about how fashion intersects with the wider world.

You don’t exactly need to be a scholar of fashion to know that its pendulum always swings between extremes—dress silhouettes go from bandages to sacks and back, and the instant a trend hits its saturation point, you can bet that its complete opposite is waiting in the wings to deliver its solo. Never has that been clearer than over the past few months, as body-conscious dressing with more cutouts than a slice of Swiss cheese has come into its own, displacing the all-comfort, all-the-time status quo. From Jacquemus to KNWLS to London’s Queen of Cling Nensi Dojaka, the fashion industry is betting on all things skin-baring as a mood lifter and life preserver all in one.

And I want to be excited about that. As a lover of fashion and a fan of all the above

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