Style Theory wants to build a better fashion future

Chris Halim and Raena Lim. (PHOTO: Style Theory)

Chris Halim and Raena Lim. (PHOTO: Style Theory)

Singaporean fashion rental platform Style Theory, which was established in 2016, is one of Southeast Asia’s largest circular fashion platforms on a mission to reshape women’s relationships with fashion. When Yahoo Life SEA met husband-and-wife Chris Halim and Raena Lim, the force behind the brand at their new showroom, Lim shared, “Personally, I think I’m very motivated to build a better fashion future. I think sustainability is a very big thing for our business, and that’s also something that resonates a lot with me.”

The husband-and-wife team also let on that starting the business was stressful when they first began, even though they were used to each others’ working styles before Style Theory was born. “We have quite clear boundaries at work and for personal life, so that’s helpful,” Lim said.

However, the transition from employee to business owners was a huge

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The Future Of Fashion And Gaming: E-Commerce

Anne-Lise is the Founder of Tempo, an in-game ad-network that connects brands and developers around the globe.

Luxury Fashion brand Balenciaga recently released its fall 2021 collection in the form of an immersive online video game titled Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow. A first for the fashion industry, Balenciaga’s game invited players into an interactive, post-apocalyptic world set in the near future of 2031. The move, which ended 2020 and came after a series of crossovers between some of the most prominent fashion, gaming and esports brands, is only the beginning of fashion’s gamification.

The $159.3 billion esports and gaming market, which was expected to have reached 2.7 billion players by the end of 2020, is turning into fashion’s hottest playground. Erin Wayne, head of community and creator marketing at Twitch, told Nylon, “Fashion working with gaming is kind of the next obvious step in the

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A Spring Fashion Issue for an Optimistic Future

Our spring Women’s Fashion issue is always made in an optimistic frame of mind; we begin closing it in January, when the year is fresh, and the sense of possibility — however false or short-lived — still potent.

This particular January, of course, felt more charged than most. Last year was our annus horribilis, and our expectations for this year are bound to be impossible. But while some eras have come to their legal or official conclusions, their consequences and repercussions linger — 2020 was a reminder that the past is never the past, however much we pretend otherwise.

Given this, it seems fitting that the stories in this issue are almost equally divided between those that look forward and those that look back. In the first category, there are our fashion stories, conceived in anticipation of a time in the not-too-distant future when we can once again do things

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Naomi Osaka Stars in New Levi’s Campaign and Opens Up About Her Future in Fashion Design

Tennis champion Naomi Osaka has been landing fashion campaigns like they’re Grand Slam titles. The 23-year-old athlete has collaborated on collections with Nike and Adeam, starred in Louis Vuitton and TAG Heuer ads earlier this month, and now she’s serving up another fashionable hit, appearing in Levi’s new “Beauty of Becoming” series.

Naomi Osaka holding a cell phone: Shaniqwa Jarvis

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Shaniqwa Jarvis

The powerful campaign and video highlights the “journey of becoming” with an inspirational lineup of stars including Willow and Jaden Smith, 13 Reasons Why‘s Brandon Flynn, actress and model Leyna Bloom, celebrity stylist Karla Welch, activist Dolores Huerta, disability rights advocate Haben Girma, and Osaka, to name a few.

“It was important to share my story in case I can help or inspire anyone,” Osaka, a three-time Grand Slam champion, tells PEOPLE about participating in the series. “My goal is really to raise awareness, so this campaign gave me that platform,

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