17 second-shopping hacks our Fashion Director swears by

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There’s no better time to discover your love for second hand clothing than in, the aptly named, Second Hand September. But hey, second-hand/vintage/pre-loved – whatever you want to call it, there are so many benefits to buying clothes that have already been worn by someone else.

For starters, it’s kinder for the environment, buying one-of-a-kind pieces will also give your wardrobe a unique style (no awkward ‘she’s wearing the same thing as me, where can I hide?’ moments). On top of that, you can get luxury fabrics like mohair, silk and leather at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can invest in super high end labels for nowhere near their original price, which means you can dress incredibly and still have enough money to get your nails done.

The thing is, shopping for second hand gems requires dedication and patience. So how do the pros do it?

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WSJ Magazine Style Director Makes Abrupt Exit

David Thielebeule is no longer at WSJ Magazine.

After almost eight years as style director, brought in by Kristina O’Neill when she took up the job of editor in chief in 2013, Thielebeule has made an abrupt departure at the style insert of The Wall Street Journal.

In a posts to Instagram and LinkedIn, Thielebeule described his exit as “parting ways” and said that he’s leaving “grateful for the journey and proud of the role I played in crafting the magazine’s innovative fashion coverage.”

It does not appear that he’s heading for a new full-time job. In his posts, he added, “Any advice, words of wisdom or leads on new opportunities would be deeply appreciated.”

Before being hired by O’Neill at WSJ, Thielebeule spent two years at Condé Nast’s Allure and more than five years at Hearst’s Harper’s Bazaar, where O’Neill also previously worked.

WSJ mag, a rival to

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Carine Roitfeld to Share Creative Director Role

Opening another chapter in her career and joining the global movement for greater racial inclusivity, Carine Roitfeld has named Lynette Nylander co-creative director and editorial director at large of CR Fashion Book, WWD has learned.

“If I want to be part of the issue, part of changing the system, then I need someone next to me with an authentic voice,” Roitfeld said, disclosing the hire in an exclusive interview, and describing the upcoming fall 2020 issue of the biannual title as one dedicated to community, culture and influence.

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On her Instagram feed, Nylander bills herself as a writer, creative and editorial consultant, and a “funky homo sapien.” Freelance for the past three-and-a-half years, she has done editorial work for American Vogue, AnOther, Elle, Antidote, Dazed, Fader and Buffalo Zine. She has also done full-time stints as vice president of content at Alexander Wang, as deputy editor of

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